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       August 2 -- 40


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Daily Devotionals for Families

Ways to Keep in Touch with

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Senior Pastor: 
The Rev. Scott Freidgen-Veitch

       9711 Easton Road, P.O. Box 75,
      Kintnersville, PA 18930



Youth Coordinator:

        Megan Schaeffer

         Green Pond UMC



Council Chair & Acting Finance Chair: 
       Matt Matulewicz

        1401 Jeffrey Lane

        Easton, PA 18045




Office Administrative Professional & Treasurer:

      Helen Boddy

      Green Pond UMC



Financial Advisor:

       Brad Schaeffer

       Green Pond UMC



SPRC Chair:        

      Jeff Walters

     17 Alpine Dr.

      Easton, PA  18045



Trustees Chair:  

       Deanne Gade

       3589 Southwood Dr.

       Easton, PA 18045



Lay Leader:  

       Maxine Willoughby

       800 Fanning Mill Rd.

       Stewartsville, NJ 08886




       Linda Klump

Spiritual Nourishment for the Week

Community Blog

GPUMC Spotify Worship Playlist: by Megan Schaeffer

We are continuing to send out a new Spotify list each Friday. You can listen to the songs before or after you listen to Pastor Scott's sermon on Sunday morning. Or you can listen anytime! If you have any questions about Spotify, you can email Megan Schaeffer at greenpondumcyouth@rcn.com. Links will be emailed out on Fridays, and will also be on the home page of our website.

Homemade Masks Available: by Pam Boddy

Homemade, cloth masks are being made and are available for those who may need them! If you or your family need masks, please get in touch with Pam Boddy (610-547-4020, awboddy@gmail.com), who will gladly make sure you are supplied with what you need.

Daily Devotionals for Families

For the months of July and August, the family devotional will relate to what Paul called the fruit of the spirit. These devotionals may be geared for elementary school students, but they are applicable to any age. I encourage anyone to read through these short devotionals each week as a reminder of what God calls us to be - to focus on the character of the holy spirit and to be more like Jesus. These simple reminders can have profound outcomes for us all. 


Start with our memory verse: "The fruit the holy spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself." Galatians 5:22-23A, (NIrV). Then, click on the link below to reflect on more Bible verses throughout the week. Want a little something more this week? Read Luke 10:25-37 and reflect on how we can be kind to everyone God puts on our path.

Family Devotionals

Ways to Keep In Touch With Your Church Family

  • Special Phone Chains: Many of you are already involved in various small groups. We are asking the leaders of the following groups to please set up special phone/communication chains with your group members: Trustees, Evangelism, SPRC, Church Council, Finance, Missions, Ushers/Greeters, Youth Ministries, Gospel Train Club, Thursday Bible Study, Mom's Bible Study, Women's Bible Study, Busy Hands, Counters, Lifesong, and any I may have missed. Please check in with each other at least once a week, so we don't lose touch! Those not in any of the above groups will be a part of a chain with Pastor Scott or Nan McQuillin. If you find that you are not being contacted and you wish to, please contact the church office with your name and phone number/email. It's possible we may not have your contact information, and we'd hate to lose touch because of that!

  • Call Your Friends: Groups and phone chains aside, we also encourage everyone to take this time to check in with your friends and families. As many engage in social distancing for safety, it's more important than ever to reach out! Call, text, email, send a letter...anything will do to let those you love know you're thinking of them.

  • Online Sermons: Sermons will be recorded (now in VIDEO format) and posted on our Home page. So, each Sunday morning you can tune in there to hear the newest message! Previous sermons from the last couple weeks will be archived on our Worship page if you miss one.

Searching: by Jim Paulus

You open the door and sit behind the wheel. Door closed and ignition on. Music/noise roaming upon the inner drums. On down the open road you go..searching.

Hours until you arrive, yet the salt air awakens the memories of years gone by. The thought of feet gripping grains of sand. Building castles to lay claim to all that is seen. The ocean giving shells in the rush of a wave. However, when you arrive the feet don’t move the body. The eyes search.

Hiking along the soft path surrounded by footsteps of those before you. Seeing the white paint on certain trees the pulls you on the journey. The view pulls the blood in your body faster, so you sit on a log and gaze upon the land.

The voyage you have taken. The movement you will take. The place you are at now. He has always been with you!


  • Online Giving/Giving by Mail Reminder: A reminder that you can give online through the Giving page of our website! If you've been curious, now may be a perfect time to try it out. If you need help or have questions, simply contact the office and we will have our Financial Secretary, Suzie Eaton, get in touch and help you out. Click here to give online! Or, you can mail your giving envelopes/checks in to the church! We are checking the mail regularly, and making sure deposits happen as needed.

  • Drive in Services: Sundays at 10 AM in the church parking lot. Tune your radio to 87.9 FM!

  • Ride Share Program Suspended: Our ride share program is currently suspended until further notice. While we are conducting drive in services, our priority--as always--is the safety and health of our congregation. We will continue to keep you updated, so that when the ride share program resumes you will be in the loop. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Need Help with Errands?: For those in need of help with errands and such in these times (grocery shopping, etc.), Barbi Oakley has offered to help out. If you need help, give her a call at 610-905-9638!

  • Free Lawn Mowing: Do you need help with mowing? Raising Men Lawn Care Service provides free lawn care service to our elders, those who are disabled, single parents, and veterans who do not have the time, resources, and/or money to manicure their yards. If you need help with mowing, please contact Anna Lantinga at 610-657-9483. Her 8 year old son is currently volunteering for this program, and his goal is to mow 50 lawns this summer. He benefitted in the past from Green Pond's Vacation Bible School, and now he wants to show his appreciation and give back to our community!

  • Project of Easton Food Bank: Any donations should be made directly to the Food Bank at 320 Ferry Street, Easton, PA. Tuesdays are the best drop off days.

  • Ministry of Friends: Until further notice Safe Harbor will be closed to the public, including their day program, volunteers and meal providers. Our Ministry of Friends program provides the lunch every Sunday, which would now be for 40 residents. If you are able to provide the meal you can drop it off with the house manager earlier that day or Saturday. Please note, they will no longer accept food already prepared, but rather food items they will prepare themselves. As always please make sure you speak to the house manager on duty and let them know you are dropping off the Sunday lunch meal. Meal food donations they recommend are:

    • sliced bread

    • lunch meat: ham/turkey/ salami/ bologna

    • sliced cheese

    • frozen burgers 

    • frozen chicken

    • hotdogs

    • fresh vegetable platters/  fresh fruit