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     We are back open for services! Sunday mornings at 10 AM!

     Drive in Services still ongoing as an option at 10 AM in church parking lot; 87.9 FM    

     Video Sermons/Live-streams still available on Home page Sunday mornings

       November 27 -- 90


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Kid Worship

Ways to Keep in Touch with

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Community Blog

Gospel Train Club looking for Volunteers: by Helen Boddy

The Gospel Train Club is looking for new members and/or volunteers to help out! There are no regular meetings, however events are typically an all-day commitment. You do not need any special skills to be able to help out; simply be willing to talk to people and able to help put the trains and tracks together. If interested, please reach out to Bill Austin (610-253-2280) or Larry Heinrich (610-625-4211).

Ways to Keep In Touch With Your Church Family

  • Call Your Friends: Groups and phone chains aside, we also encourage everyone to take this time to check in with your friends and families. As many engage in social distancing for safety, it's more important than ever to reach out! Call, text, email, send a letter...anything will do to let those you love know you're thinking of them.

  • Online Sermons: Sermons will be recorded (now in VIDEO format) and posted on our Home page. So, each Sunday morning you can tune in there to hear the newest message! Previous sermons from the last couple weeks will be archived on our Worship page if you miss one.

Kid & Teen Worship





Senior Pastor: 
The Rev. Barbara S. Lee



Associate Pastor: 
Micah Gary-Fryer

       1812 Blush Drive,
      Easton, PA 18045



Youth Coordinator:

        Megan Schaeffer



Council Chair & Acting Finance Chair: 
       Matt Matulewicz

        1401 Jeffrey Lane

        Easton, PA 18045




Office Administrative Professional & Treasurer:

      Helen Boddy



Financial Advisor:

       Brad Schaeffer



SPRC Chair:        

      Diana Gerbino

  3043 Hecktown Road

      Easton, PA  18045



Trustees Chair:  

      Derrick Willoughby

       800 Fanning Mill Road

       Stewartsville, NJ 08886



Lay Leader:  

       Maxine Willoughby

       800 Fanning Mill Rd.

       Stewartsville, NJ 08886




       Linda Klump

  • Online Giving/Giving by Mail Reminder: A reminder that you can give online through the Giving page of our website! If you've been curious, now may be a perfect time to try it out. If you need help or have questions, simply contact the office and we will have our Financial Secretary, Suzie Eaton, get in touch and help you out. Click here to give online! Or, you can mail your giving envelopes/checks in to the church! We are checking the mail regularly, and making sure deposits happen as needed.

  • Prayer Chain Update: If you are interested in joining the prayer chain, you can contact Tina Kantong (tina.kantong@gmail.com, 484-542-2320). Thanks, Tina!

  • Drive in Services: Sundays at 10 AM in the church parking lot. Tune your radio to 87.9 FM! These remain an option for those who may not feel comfortable coming into the building yet.

  • Pancake Mix and Syrup Collection: We have resumed collecting pancake mix and syrup for our Missions work. There will be a box you can place donations in at our drive in service on Sundays. If you cannot find it, you can ask one of our ushers working at the service to point it out for you. Thank you to all who have donated so far!

  • Need Help with Errands?: For those in need of help with errands and such in these times (grocery shopping, etc.), Barbi Oakley has offered to help out. If you need help, give her a call at 610-905-9638!

  • Project of Easton Food Bank: Any donations should be made directly to the Food Bank at 320 Ferry Street, Easton, PA. Tuesdays are the best drop off days.

  • Ministry of Friends: Our Ministry of Friends program provides lunch for approximately 50 residents every Sunday at noon for Safe Harbor in Easton. If you are able to provide a meal please contact Helen in our office to sign up for a week. Ask a few friends to help provide and or prepare the meal with you. You can drop the meal at Safe Harbor on Sunday morning or before or after the noon time meal on Saturday. Please note, Safe Harbor is now allowing groups and individuals to prepare and serve the meal. Please make sure you speak to the house manager on duty and let them know you are dropping off the Sunday lunch meal. Check our website under Outreach Opportunites for ideas and recipes. You can also donate the ingredients for a meal - suggestions are listed below:

    • sliced bread

    • lunch meat: ham/turkey/salami/bologna

    • sliced cheese

    • frozen burgers 

    • frozen chicken

    • hotdogs

    • fresh vegetable platters/fresh fruit

  • If you have any questions, please send an email to office@greenpondumc.com

Kid and Teen Worship has resumed! All kids in grades K – 12 are invited to join us this November for fellowship and worship, kid style. All ages will begin in the sanctuary with their families at 10am. Around 10:15am, the kids and teens will be dismissed from the service to attend Kid & Teen Worship for age-appropriate activities and discussion. Kid Worship is ideal for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Teen Worship is designed for students in grades 6 through 12. Invite a friend!

Tree of Giving Shopping Trip: by Jen Biddle

On Sunday, December 11th the youth will be going to Target to shop for some of the tags from the tree of giving. We will leave from the church at 9:45am. Please email Jen Biddle (jenbiddle@greenpondumc.com) if you can attend or if you have any questions.

​Family Advent Night: by Megan Schaeffer & Jen Biddle

We will be hosting a Family Advent Night on Friday, December 2 at 7 PM. Folks of all ages are welcome to join us for carols, games, and more. Come celebrate with us!

GPUMC Spotify Worship Playlist: by Megan Schaeffer

We are continuing to send out a new Spotify list each Friday. You can listen to the songs before or after you listen to Pastor Barbara's sermon on Sunday morning. Or you can listen anytime! If you have any questions about Spotify, you can email Megan Schaeffer at childministry@greenpondumc.com. Links will be emailed out on Fridays, and will also be on the home page of our website.